Alpacas are fleece animals.  Each spring we send a small fleece sample from each alpaca to a testing lab in Australia.  These test results are a valuable stock management tool, which assist us in annual breeding decisions and alpaca shearing preparations.  After shearing, we sort and grade our fleece into six grades, two lengths and twelve colours.

Only the finest fleeces are made into yarn and finished goods.  Course or robust fleece is recycled as hanging basket liners or garden mulch.

Shearing occurs once a year here at KPFarm, we are open to the general public and we invite you to bring your family and friends. Our expert shearer and fibre sorter are happy to answer any questions that you might have during the process. In addition, we invite you to view our latest production of alpaca yarn.  After sorting and grading the fleece post-shearing, we stockpiled until we amassed a record 700 lbs. of premier Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 fleece in a multitude of natural colours.  

During Shearing, our Spring Sales Event will be in full swing and we invite you to browse our large selection of alpaca socks, accessories, clothing and home decor products.