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Farm Tours

Kensington Prairie Farm Tours
 Educational Tours 


10:30 AM // 11:15 AM

$20/ticket for Youth, Teens & Adults
Children (5 and under) - FREE 


The tour director will discuss:

  • The origin of Camelids with a specific focus on Alpacas
  • Alpaca temperament and behaviour
  • An introduction to Alpaca nutrition
  • The shearing process (from fibre to fashion) and the 6-point Alpaca Fleece Grading System
  • Alpaca Breeding and cria (baby alpaca) facts

Please arrive on-farm at least 5 minutes early to check in and wash your hands. If you arrive late for your tour, you will only be allowed to join for the remaining time. Missed tours are not subject to refunds. 

You can now feed the alpacas from your hands!
 Tours must be booked in advance.

Private tours are available to book Monday - Thursday. These tours have a capacity of 10 and are exclusive to your group, costing $200/30 minutes.  
In order to book your private tour, please e-mail 


Alpaca COVID-19 Tour Information: 

 We are committed to the safety of our family, visitors and staff here at the farm. In light of Covid-19, we will be sanitizing contact-surfaces more frequently on the farm and in the on-farm boutique. In addition, only one household/6 individuals will be permitted in the store at once.

We will require all visitors to thoroughly wash their hands before and after the tours and we will be limiting our tour sizes to 10 individuals. We will be enforcing social distancing throughout the entire tour.  



In order to book your tour, please complete your booking through the calendar.

If our tours are completely booked, please e-mail us, we are able to place your name on our wait-list in the event there is a cancellation. You will be notified before 8:00 pm on the Thursday/Friday, the evening before the tour, if space has become available.

In order to re-book or cancel your tour, you must email 48 hours before your reserved tour time. 


    Proceeds from tours are donated to Quechua Benefit, a children's charity in Peru. For more information on the charity, visit