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Collection: Farm Fresh Meat Orders

Introducing our new custom meat bundles!

A great alternative for stocking up on your meat selection.

Simply indicate your preferred pack/box and select items.

You may also submit our order form via e-mail or social media.


Please indicate phone number upon check-out to arrange pick-up. 

4 Great Options to Choose From: 



$150 Beef

$150 Alpaca 

$300 Beef 

$350 Beef 
& Alpaca Box

Each Pack Comes with:

10 lbs. Ground Beef

1- 3.5 lb. (approx) Roast - please specify Round Roast, Baron or Rump Roast

1 pkg. Sirloin Steak (approx 2 lbs.)

2 lbs. Sausage (approx 10 Sausages total) - please specify Dinner or Tomato/basil Sausage

Each Pack Comes with:

5 lbs. Ground Alpaca

2 lbs. Specialty Sausage – please specify Blueberry, Spicy Blueberry or Alpaca Breakfast Sausage

2 lbs. Sausage – please specify Smokies or Dinner Sausage

3 lbs. Alpaca Kabobs

1.5 lbs. (approx) Alpaca Steak – please specify New York or Rib Eye

Each Box Comes with:


15 lbs. ground beef

1 - 3.5 lb. (approx) roast - please specify round roast, baron or rump roast

3 lbs. (approx) grilling steak - please specify rib steak or New York steak

2 lbs. stewing beef

2 lbs. sausage - please specify dinner sausage or tomato/basil sausage

2 lbs. pepperoni sausage

1 pkg. corned beef (approx 2-lbs)

4 lbs. short ribs

1 specialty cut - please specify either t-bone steak, brisket, or flank steak.

Each Box 

Comes with:

10 lbs. Ground Beef

5 lbs. Ground Alpaca

1 pkg. Alpaca Osso Bucco

1 - 3.5 lbs. (approx) Beef Roast – please specify Round Roast, Baron or Rump Roast

4 lbs. Beef Short Ribs

2 lbs. Beef Stew

2 lbs. Beef Stir-fry

2 lbs. Alpaca Steak – please specify New York Steak or Rib Eye Steak

2 lbs. Beef Grilling Steak – please specify New York or Sirloin

1 2oz. pkg. Alpaca Jerky

2 lbs. Beef Sausage – please specify Dinner Sausage or Tomato/Basil Sausage

1 lb. Alpaca Kabobs

1 rack of Beef Ribs (2-3 lbs. approx.)

1 pkg. Corned Beef

Once you have made the difficult decision regarding which of our Farm Fresh Meat Packs/Boxes you would like to order, simply choose from the variants below. Please be sure to indicate exactly which box you would prefer and the appropriate 'custom' selection options. 



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