Jacquard Alpaca Socks

$29.00 CAD

These designs are inspired by the artist that they are named after. Done as a Jacquard pattern, with its own impression of dance of colours, these socks are as comfortable as they are pretty. The perfect blend of alpaca, these socks are perfect for shoes ranging from business formal to jeans and sneakers.

80% Alpaca; 15% Nylon; 5% Spandex

Available in 9 colours:

- Monet Rose (Fuchsia, Peach, Purple, Light Green, Teal)

- Monet Blue (Ocean Blue, Pale Green, Red, Fuchsia)

- Frida Green (Mauve, Pale Green, Magenta, Baby Blue)

- Frida Candy (Variegated Rainbow, Light Green, Dark Blue, Soft Pink)

- Frida Blue (Variegated Purple/Green, Teal, Soft Pink)

- Santa Fe Teal (Variegated Turquoise, Light Green, Burgundy)

- Santa Fe Lavender (Cobalt, Magenta, Light Green, Dark Blue)

- Degas Denim (Dark Blue, Teal, Light Green, Light Blue, Burgundy, Magenta)

- Degas Candy (Variegated Rainbow, Yellow, Blue, Light Pink, Light Blue)


Color: Monet Blue