Alpaca Walks

"Our walk with Wendy was wonderful! She was happy to let us hug and pet her and was very enthusiastic about eating from our hands. The walk was a good length of time and our guide was full of information and very friendly."
-Rebecca Schellenberg 


Friday & Sunday 
10:00 am // 11:00 am


The tour director will discuss:

The origin of Camelids with a specific focus on Alpacas

Alpaca temperament and behaviour

The shearing process (from fibre to fashion)

Our Rescue Mission 


Alpaca COVID-19 Tour Information: 

 We are committed to the safety of our family, visitors and staff here at the farm. In light of Covid-19, we will be sanitizing contact-surfaces more frequently on the farm and in the on-farm boutique. 




Please note: maximum 2 adults per alpaca permitted.
Groups of 3/4 must book 2 alpacas.

If our walks are completely booked, we are able to place your name on our wait-list in the event there is a cancellation. You will be notified before 8:00 pm on the Thursday/Friday, the evening before the tour, if space has become available.

In order to re-book or cancel your tour, you must email 48 hours before your reserved tour time. 


    Proceeds from tours are donated to Quechua Benefit, a children's charity in Peru and/or to KPFarm's rescue animals.

    For more information on the charity, visit