5.5" Felted Huacaya Standing Alpacas

$30.00 CAD

These hand-felted & stuffed huacaya alpacas stand 5.5 inches tall. Each face is hand-sewn and created with love. Alpacas come in 22 natural colours in the animal kingdom, and this Huacaya comes in Black (Ebony), White (Pearl), Grey, Fawn, Spotted & Rose Grey. In addition, the figurine wears a a chullo "touque" that comes in brilliant and bright hand-dyed colors or an adorned scarf. The custom hats are hand knit and complete with ear holes. 

Artistically handcrafted by Grupo de Madres "Group of Mothers", Fair Trade from Peru

Just like the live animals, these little ones do very well in herds


Height: 13 cm.
Length: 7.5
Width: 3.5


Length: 7 cm
Width: 4 cm

Color: Fawn