Followed Alpaca Pullover Reversible

$169.00 CAD

The Followed Reversible Sweater is a unique garment, not only because of its reversibility but also due to the iconic designs that highlight the rich Peruvian culture. Each side of the pullover features unique embroideries that reflect craftsmanship and cultural identity. Its youthful style and vibrant colors infuse the garment with an essence of originality and vitality. The versatility of being reversible provides additional options to express your daily style. Crafted with 100% Baby Alpaca, the Followed Pullover ensures a soft texture and unparalleled warmth. This garment is more than fashion; it's a connection to the cultural richness of Peru, reflecting authenticity and style in every detail.

Key Features:

Youthful with Unique Embroideries: Style that highlights Peruvian craftsmanship.
Reversible: Offers versatile options to express your style.
100% Baby Alpaca: Ensures exceptional softness and warmth.
Made in Peru: Represents craftsmanship quality and cultural essence

Color: Yellow/Turquoise/Cream