Hand Painted 'Signature' Royal Baby Alpaca Poncho

$94.50 CAD$189.00

EXCLUSIVE to Kensington Prairie Farm, this royal alpaca wrap is an essential piece for every wardrobe. Made from 100% royal alpaca and adorned with classic mother of pearl buttons, these wraps are versatile and luxurious. With over 8 ways to wear the wrap; wear them as a poncho, as a shawl, as a scarf and even as a head wrap!

Available in various colours:

  • #1:  Cream with Purple, Grey, Pink Spots
  • #2:  Light Pink with Purple and Dark Pink Lines
  • #3:  Peach with Orange and Yellow Spots
  • #4:  Dark Pink with Yellow and Purple Spots
  • #5:  Light Pink with Blue and Yellow Spots
  • #6:  Yellow with Green Spots
  • #7:   Light Blue with Purple, Dk and Lt Blue Spots
  • #8:   Light Blue with Dk Blue and Purple Spots
  • #9:   Light Blue with Dk Blue Lines
  • #10:  Azure Blue with Dk Blue Spots
  • #11:  Teal Blue with Various Blue Spots
  • #12:  Light Blue with Various Green and Blue Spots
  • #13:  Light Green with Purple and Lime Green Lines
  • #14:  Mixed Blue and Green Spots

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Color: #1: Cream with Purple/Grey/Pink Spots