General Admission

Visiting Kensington Prairie Farm 
General Admission 

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to feed the alpacas or llamas
or touch the animals at this time.



Upon arrival at our farm, we require our visitors to 'check-in', pay admission and sanitize at the on-farm boutique before visiting.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to feed the alpacas out of your hands or touch the animals at this time.

The cost for admission is as follows:

Adults and Youth - $5/person
Children (5 and under) - FREE

Your general admission fee can be applied against any purchase (of more than $10) made in-store on the day of your visit. 

You are permitted to join a free information session during your visit, where a staff member will call one of our herds up to the fence and give visitors a brief introduction to that group of alpacas. Please note, these sessions generally last 5-10 minutes and masks are required. 

Friday Information Sessions:

12:15 pm
1:30 pm
2:45 pm
4:00 pm


Saturday Information Sessions:

10:15 pm
11:30 pm
12:45 pm
2:00 pm
3:15 pm


Sunday Information Sessions:

12:15 pm
1:30 pm
2:45 pm



 General Admission and Pre-booked Tours differ and tours must be booked in advance.


Alpaca COVID-19 Information: 

 We are committed to the safety of our family, visitors and staff here at the farm. In light of Covid-19, we will be sanitizing contact-surfaces more frequently on the farm and in the on-farm boutique. In addition, only one household/8 individuals will be permitted in the store at once.

We will require all visitors to thoroughly wash their hands before and after the tours and we will be limiting our tour sizes to 8 individuals. We will be enforcing social distancing throughout the entire tour.  


Proceeds from general admission is donated to Quechua Benefit, a children's charity in Peru. For more information on the charity, visit

We also offer private weekday group tours with a maximum booking of 10 people.

To book a tour, please email and specify date and number of attendees.  If you wish to book a private weekday tour, please leave your name and contact information and we'll get back to you.