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5.5" Felted Standing Alpaca Bridal Set

5.5" Felted Standing Alpaca Bridal Set

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This wedding Alpaca set is our classic sized needle felted Alpaca Huacaya. They are made entirely by hand, and proudly stands 5.5 inches tall. This particular set is made for special weddings – they can be used for cake toppers, gift tables, or wedding party favors. Each little face is sewn and created with love. They come in pearl and fawn. Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations.

Artistically handcrafted by Grupo de Madres "Group of Mothers", Fair Trade from Peru

OR BRIDE/BRIDE - Please call for this subsitution *


Height: 13 cm.
Length: 7.5
Width: 3.5