Alpaca Duvet

$209.00 CAD

100% Alpaca Filling; 100% Pima Cotton Cover

Benefits of Alpaca Duvets:
Immediate and incomparable warmth: Thanks to the property of alpaca wool, there is no need to wait for your duvet to become warm. It should be noted that alpaca wool is 7 times warmer than sheep's wool and will be a real delight for the coolest nights.
Repairing sleep: During the night, our body temperature varies by several degrees, which causes many micro awakenings. The extreme thermoregulation of this duvet will allow you to avoid them and have a better quality sleep.
Unique comfort: The qualities of the filling are enhanced by the pima cotton envelope, also known as Andean silk, which is very soft and supple.
Natural fibres: Our duvets are made exclusively of natural alpaca and pima cotton fibres, so they do not have any synthetic fibres.
Ecological: Alpaca wool and pima cotton are environmentally friendly, do not require chemicals and leave no ecological footprint.
Great durability: the resistance of alpaca fibre and pima cotton will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of this duvet for a long time.

Color: Extra Winter